Advanced Dispatch and Booking Technology Solutions

As a dedicated technology partner with a global team of technicians and fully integrated technology, we can provide a tailored dispatch solution for your business, whatever your needs.


Innovative Technology Solutions

MTI provides insight-driven solutions based on your individual business needs. Our technology-driven P2P automotive dispatch and booking solutions can improve operational performance and increase profitability for your business.

Integrated Dispatch and Booking Solution

Our dedicated driver app has a user-friendly interface, which operates on both tablet and smartphones devices and can be easily installed into the vehicle.

Integrated Multiplatform Solution

With an industry-driven perspective and fully integrated SaaS dispatch technology, we understand the challenges your business faces. With our hardware and software engineered to the highest standard, we ensure that our customers receive an optimum service, anchored by reliability and uptime benefits.

Booking App

MTI offer service booking software options, which include a website, telephone, IVR or app. The smartphone booking app includes multiple payment methods, two-way communication, and taxi tracking, giving customers everything they need to book, secure and pay for a taxi.

Let’s work together

Make an enquiry now and one of our dedicated specialists will be in touch. Our highly trained staff will work closely with your business to find the most appropriate technology solutions, based on your individual needs.


Taxi Camera &

The SnapShot camera provides interior and exterior vehicle footage, and the taximeter integrates with our tracking and dispatch system.


Efficiency Tools

Review business efficiency with our management dashboards, and use our maintenance and claims solution to ensure safety on the road.



Our innovative and easy-to-use driver app simplifies the driver’s experience, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.