Learn about our SnapShot camera and Taximeter business solutions

The SnapShot camera provides interior and exterior vehicle footage, and the taximeter integrates with our tracking and dispatch system.

Key features

  • Expertly crafted and extremely durable
  • Takes superior images both night and day
  • In-camera audio recording option
  • Meter adds fees and surcharges as required
  • Meter provides speech announcements

Key benefits

  • Assists with compliance requirements
  • Images are protected and data encrypted
  • Industry-leading camera solution
  • Meter is easy to read and easy to use
  • Ensure fares are calculated correctly

SnapShot Taxi Camera

The snapshot camera is a unique security camera system designed specifically for the taxi industry. It records footage of both interior and exterior views and has an optional audio recording capacity. Delivering superior image quality, the camera takes clear images of events, both night and day, where each image is stamped with the date, time, registration, trigger type, and GPS coordinates.

Integrated Taximeter

Our taximeter seamlessly integrates with our tracking and dispatch system making it easy for both driver and passenger to use. It will automatically select the correct tariff based on the time and day of the week and add surcharges for airport fees, tolls, luxury vehicles, and special dates such as public holidays. The taximeter also provides speech announcements of tariffs, tolls, and the total fare to allow for full transparency of fares.

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