Learn about the apps and booking tools we have to offer

MTI offer service booking software options, which include a website, telephone, IVR or app. The smartphone booking app includes multiple payment methods, two-way communication, and vehicle tracking, giving customers everything they need to book, secure and pay for a vehicle dispatch service.

Key features

  • Customer-driven apps
  • In-app credit card and account payments
  • Promotion codes and marketing tools
  • Ability to rate drivers and passengers
  • Repay feature

Key benefits

  • Onboard new customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Attract new drivers
  • Extensive and configurable features
  • Tailor the app to suit your business


MTI has released an app that customers can configure to suit their own needs. Features include multiple payment methods, multiple vehicle types, driver photos, and two-way messaging and calling between passenger and driver. Customers can also benefit from other app features, including our dedicated payment system, repay which allows passengers to flag and pay for trips via the app. The app also includes promo codes, fare estimates, fixed price quotations and three-second vehicle tracking when on the way to the customer.

Web Booking Service

The interface allows customers to easily book their journey online. This system is convenient for both account customers and regular transport network company users, as it allows users to book and track multiple vehicles.

Call Taking Software

Telephone Booking Software

The fast and accurate telephone booking software allows taxi operators to enter data with extensive account entry and customizable options. Multiple mapping options are also available to help find addresses, and a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to view the history and value of each inbound customer.

Phone System Integration

MTI provides customers with a range of intelligent phone system integrations, including the screen popping feature.

Open Dispatch Interface (ODI)

The ODI system seamlessly integrates with the MTI dispatch system and provides access to common information and system functions.

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