Gold Coast Cabs Implements Our Booking App

Gold Coast Cabs have implemented our smartphone booking App to their fleet of 357 vehicles, which went live in February 2016.

Customers will find a great range of benefits using our App, which will make it easier than ever to book and secure a Gold Coast Cab.

Our App provides their customers with added assurances when they book their ride, as they will receive ‘on-approach’ notifications, when their taxi is on the way.

Gold Coast Cabs customers who are on the go, can book, track, and locate the closest taxi from their current GPS location to a specific destination.

Our App enables customers to create a profile, so that they can save and select their favourite or recent destinations (e.g. home, work, gym etc.), to create a fast and efficient booking.

Credit card payments can also be processed directly through our App with no hassle, via a secure merchant facility, which means that paying for a taxi is quick and simple.

MTData is pleased to be Gold Coast Cabs’ technology provider, and look forward to assisting them in delivering excellent service to the riding public.