MTI’s Clients Increase Jobs With Taxi Butler

The integration of the Taxi Butler solution with MTI’s taxi booking and dispatch system is yielding good results for its UK client base.

Taxi Butler is a one-click taxi booking terminal that can be placed in almost any venue or location to instantaneously book a cab picking up from that location.

Integration with MTI’s booking and dispatch system means that a single press of the Taxi Butler button automatically books a vehicle for ‘as soon as possible’ from the pre-defined location of that Taxi Butler.

Hotels, bars, restaurants and sporting venues and other high footfall locations are all popular choices for the Taxi Butler terminals, which have been described as ‘mini kiosks’.

The Taxi Butler devices are fully self-sufficient, utilising a built in SIM for all
communications so there is no need to hook up a phone line.

This significantly reduces the burden on the staff at chosen locations,
especially hotels where installing a traditional hands-free phone for taxis
is usually a slow and cumbersome affair.

An online portal makes light work of setting up of Taxi Butler devices for venues, and if a device does not generate satisfactory numbers of rides from its given location they can simply be collected and re-tasked at a new location.

General Manager at Mantax, Tony Donley, Manchester’s largest black taxi fleet, was among the first to use Taxi Butler devices utilising the direct integration into the MTI system.

“Setting up the Taxi Butler devices is fast and simple. We can drop them into hotels, bars and restaurants and this enables patrons of those venues to instantly book a safe and reliable taxi without the need for a phone number or an app,” Mr Donley said.

“This is especially useful in hotels which have a lot of visiting trade, so those customers won’t necessarily have the app or phone number of a local cab firm, so Taxi Butler is about the simplest way possible for people to instantly book a Mantax taxi.”

The very first venue selected by Mantax for a Taxi Butler device was a hotel and in its first month of operation over 250 successful bookings were generated.

Mantax are now rolling out the Taxi Butler devices across numerous locations and are seeing their cash bookings increase.

MTI UK’s Client Manager, Mitchell Charlton said the Taxi Butler integration is very helpful.

“This integration makes it easy for MTI clients to increase their presence across their region and drive up cash bookings,” Mr Charlton said.

“Setting up the service is straight forward and the Taxi Butlers are directly integrated into the booking system, which is a great way to boost job numbers without impacting on call agents.”

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