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Traveling to the Gold Coast for the 2018 ATIA International Taxi Conference? So are we! MTI will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the conference, which will be held from the 27th May – 30th May, Mantra on View Hotel, Gold Coast Queensland.  We are again sponsoring and exhibiting and all other information can be carried over.

The theme is appropriately titled “Think different” and it is aimed to inspire creativity and encourage innovation. The conference will host talks from key speakers as well as give delegates an opportunity to network with other license owners, operators and drivers.

We will be showcasing our wide range of taxi solutions that include our latest driver app for tablets and smartphones driver management portal, smartphone booking app, integrated taximeter, management dashboards and our Snapshot camera system.

We are excited to attend and exhibit at the conference, and we look forward to connecting with our customers and meeting and making new ones.

To find out more about the conference and what to expect, visit Buy Phentermine Online Cheapest.

Interested in our dispatch and booking solutions? Please contact Phentermine 30 Mg Buy.

Buy Phentermine Online Next Day Delivery

Cheapest Place To Buy Phentermine 37.5

Come and meet us at the 2017 Private Hire Taxi Magazine (PHTM) Exhibition next week, held at the MK Arena in Milton Keynes from Wednesday 17- Thursday 18 May, 2017.

The exhibition will see over 50 exhibitors from all parts of the UK showcasing their latest products, for taxi, private hire, chauffeur companies and drivers; giving exhibitors an opportunity to network and meet prospective clients.

We will be showcasing our latest range of dispatch and booking solutions, including our user-friendly driver app.

Compatible on both smartphones and tablets, the app can be simply downloaded providing flexibility for drivers to bring their own device.

We will be exhibiting:

Please find us at booth 48, located opposite the PHTM booth.

Interested in learning more about our dispatch and booking solutions? Please contact

PHTM logo

Buy Phentermine From Uk

MTData is pleased to announce that we are proud sponsors of the 2016 Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) National Conference.
The four day conference, from April 10-14 2016, will be held at the Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast.

The conference will give you the chance to see speakers talking on industry issues, and also network with industry people to see their products and services on display.

We will exhibiting our innovative taxi solutions, which includes our booking App, integrated taximeter, camera system, and our smart dispatch system.

Please visit MTData at our double booth, 16 and 17.
We look forward to chatting with existing customers, and meeting and making new ones throughout the conference.

Phentermine 60 Mg

MTData is attending the conference as an exhibitor, showcasing the new SnapShot camera.

The camera has superior image quality allowing drivers to take night and day images, ensuring their security and safety at all times.

The two day conference from Tuesday, 29th September to Wednesday, 30th September, will feature the theme ‘delivering the right message’ connecting people in the taxi community and providing networking opportunities.