• Delta Taxis is the largest private hire taxi operator in the Liverpool city region, United Kingdom
  • 2,250 taxis
  • Averages 30,000 trips a day, servicing 60,000 passengers a day
  • Implemented the MTI booking and dispatch system in 2011
  • 11 million jobs dispatched in 2015
  • Increased driver revenue in busy periods
  • Massive shift to online and App bookings
  • Peak taxis between 1,100-1,200 on road

Delta Taxis is a private hire taxi company that has been operating in the Liverpool city region, United Kingdom since 1968. With over 2,250 taxis in its fleet, Delta Taxis services those who live, work and visit the region.

Today they fulfill an average of 30,000 trips servicing 60,000 passengers every day. This incredible success story of a highly dynamic and technology-driven taxi business has rapidly accelerated since Delta Taxis implemented the MTI booking and dispatch system in 2011.


Asset’s customers manage their forestry logistics and execute their log production and delivery plan through their WSX software. MTData’s web-based software, Hawk-Eye, is used by Asset extensively, which includes, messaging, management of waypoints (geofences), maintenance scheduling, and voice based communications using MTData’s cellular voice capabilities.

Waypoint reporting is used significantly in Asset’s daily operations to manage trucks and woodflow in their WSX software. Essentially, allowing for ‘voiceless’ communications between log loaders and log trucks.

“The new functionality available in MTData’s system is becoming more important to our customers specifically around Chain of Responsibility,” Asset Forestry’s General Manager, Matthew Ludbrook said.

“After careful consideration, we concluded that MTData was the right solution to provide that function and our decision has proved to be a good one.”


Delta Taxis requested a dispatch system to be effective, efficient, and resilient. The MTI system operates over two main methods of dispatching trips: the Private Mobile Radio (PMR), and MTI’s Global Positioning System (GPS).

“Full GPS dispatch is the best possible balance between the driver requirements and the customer requirements,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“For the driver it is important that they reduce the dead mileage and wasted time on every journey for the customer.

“MTI’s solution allows us to use both PMR and GPS to dispatch our trips, and this means that if one network is not available, we can seamlessly transfer services to the other.

“When you dispatch as many trips a day as we do, it is a pretty awesome piece of operational integrity.”

With MTI we have absolute confidence in them, because they are the preferred supplier of all of the major companies throughout the world. Company Secretary, Delta Taxis, Paul McLaughlin


The extensive features of MTI’s dispatch system include the ability to coordinate multiple fleets, enabling Delta Taxis to dispatch evenly across the wide territory where they operate.

“Having multiple fleets in the regions has allowed us to come together like one super-efficient fleet,” Mr McLaughlin commented.

Accepting customer’s bookings quicker and efficiently through online and smartphone App bookings was the key to Delta Taxis’ growth plans.

MTI provided well-featured native smartphone apps for both iOS and Android. Delta Taxis has enjoyed rapid take up of app bookings and added more convenience to their business.

“Personalised phone calls should never be underestimated how important they are to our business,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“We knew there would always be a significant portion of our customer base who would want to speak to a real person when booking their journey.

“It was clear to me that we needed to implement a smartphone App, and we knew that it was going to take off in a big way, because it adds so much convenience to the process.”

MTI’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automated phone system, allows Delta Taxis’ customers to make bookings via a smart automated telephone interface.

Over 10% of their bookings are made this way, taking pressure off the call centre operators.

The TelOp application gives Delta Taxis’ staff one of the most intuitive and feature rich interfaces in dispatch. The application seamlessly integrates call centre operations from keying in bookings to assigning the most appropriate cars to a job.

“It is no understatement to say our operations staff love the TelOp application,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“It makes their life easier, with fewer keystrokes and all the key information is there that they need to do their job better.”


Recently, Delta Taxis’ operation numbers have been staggering with around 30,000 trips dispatched every single day.

Delta Taxis also reached a milestone as their highest New Year’s Eve 2015/16, the firm booked nearly 3,500 jobs in the space of 60 minutes between 7pm and 8pm.

“MTI’s system transmits a huge amount of information, it’s like a goldmine,” Mr McLaughlin explained.

“It gives Delta an advantage and an edge.”

High volume, dynamic transactions are processed by multiple channels on the MTI system. This includes telephone bookings, smartphone app, online and IVR, and are dispatched in rapid time to over 2,250 taxis.

“The system is phenomenally fast, efficient and flexible because it is configurable, so it is extensively different to our competitors,” Mr McLaughlin added.

With vehicle locations and statuses tracked and managed with MTI’s system, trips get dispatched directly to the driver’s in-cab terminal in a matter of seconds.

“We have been pleased with implementing MTI’s system, as it has been the best way out of making the most out of what’s available,” Mr McLaughlin said.

Being so readily configurable, MTI’s system allows Delta Taxis to quickly modify its business rules depending on rises and falls in demand, external factors such as traffic conditions, and unforeseen weather.


For Delta Taxis, it was vital that their technology partner would be equally as hard working, diligent, and responsive.

While MTI is an international company, they have a solid base in the UK meaning that localised support and contact is always available.

“MTI has a fantastic local support team here as they know what the drivers, the customers and Delta Taxis’ staff experience day to day,” Mr McLaughlin added.

“So having a team with boots on the ground in our city has been really useful to us because they understand the culture and the UK market.”


The MTI system is unique in that it directly provides all aspects of dispatch, from the in-vehicle dispatch terminals, to the firmware and software.

“I believe that MTI’s system is great for attracting and retaining drivers as it improves the entire experience for both the customer and the driver,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“As MTI’s system is so efficient, we have so much work for our drivers.”

It was crucial for Delta Taxis’ operators to have the ability to evenly distribute work to drivers, and MTI’s dispatch system provides them with a fair platform.

“MTI’s system opens up a dispatch area surrounding the customer and considers all suitable vehicles and gives it to the driver who has been empty the longest,” Mr McLaughlin concluded.

“I think from a driver’s perspective this is the fairest way, meaning that everyone has a fair go.”

After careful consideration, we concluded that MTI had the right system to provide that function and our decision has proved to be a good one. Company Secretary, Delta Taxis, Paul McLaughlin

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