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We are thrilled to announce that we are now expanding into the Nordic and wider European market.

Our latest office will be located in Helsinki, Finland to support our customer Taksi Helsinki, who have a fleet of 1,400 taxis.

Founded in 2003 in Mulgrave, Australia, we are now global market leaders in dispatch solutions.

Each year we expand our offerings across the globe into new cities and reach new heights.  We now operate in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada, America, New Zealand, the Middle East, and now Finland.

We service a wide range of industries including, taxi, transport and logistics, concrete and construction, mining oil and gas, bus and coach, waste management and recycling, emergency and government, and much more.

Wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you. We are a dedicated technology partner, and whether you have 5 or 5,000 vehicles, we have solutions to offer you.

If you would like to request a live demo or more information about either our dispatch solutions, please email Buy Phentermine Online Cheapest.

Phentermine 30 Mg Buy

Buy Phentermine Online Next Day Delivery

MTI and Taksi Helsinki are excited to announce their new partnership. MTI’s Phentermine 80Mg and driver app solution will be implemented into Taksi Helsinki’s 1,400 vehicle fleet, delivering new and innovative services to both drivers and passengers.

Taksi Helsinki is one of Scandinavia’s largest taxi dispatch services, based in Finland. Founded in 1989, it is owned by 1,249 independent taxi drivers and provides taxi order services, data and radio services. The company operates across Finland’s capital city of Helsinki.

Taksi Helsinki will be upgrading their current dispatch system to MTI’s progressive, modern and efficient system, which will give them a competitive advantage in the market. They will also be utilising MTI’s innovative Buy Phentermine From Uk.

The company elected to implement MTI’s system because it is advanced, versatile and flexible. MTI’s technology development is rapid and also ensures competitiveness.

With the aim to streamline and optimise the fleet’s usage, MTI’s system provides useful information that will guide Taksi Helsinki’s drivers in the most efficient and effective manner, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting their needs.

MTI is one of the world’s largest providers of advanced taxi dispatch systems, delivering solutions not only to the taxi industry but a wide-range of industries including transport and logistics, bus and coach and concrete.

Operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, MTI now look forward to strengthening their position into wider European and Nordic countries.

MTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Bellizia says, “We are proud to partner with Finland’s largest taxi company. We look forward to collaborating and building a long and successful relationship with Taksi Helsinki. Our technology is built for today and the future, and will unlock increased driver efficiency and productivity for Taksi Helsinki’s fleet. MTI looks forward to seeing the results that will come from this partnership.”

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Phentermine 60 Mg

Gold Coast Cabs have implemented our smartphone booking App to their fleet of 357 vehicles, which went live in February 2016.

Customers will find a great range of benefits using our App, which will make it easier than ever to book and secure a Gold Coast Cab.

Our App provides their customers with added assurances when they book their ride, as they will receive ‘on-approach’ notifications, when their taxi is on the way.

Gold Coast Cabs customers who are on the go, can book, track, and locate the closest taxi from their current GPS location to a specific destination.

Our App enables customers to create a profile, so that they can save and select their favourite or recent destinations (e.g. home, work, gym etc.), to create a fast and efficient booking.

Credit card payments can also be processed directly through our App with no hassle, via a secure merchant facility, which means that paying for a taxi is quick and simple.

MTData is pleased to be Gold Coast Cabs’ technology provider, and look forward to assisting them in delivering excellent service to the riding public.

Buy Genuine Phentermine

MTData chatted to Grandad about his experiences in the taxi industry and what he likes best about our system.

“I’m known as Grandad, which is my unique identifier, and I chose that because I have nine grandchildren,” Mr Teague said.

“I have the driver number 05-GRANDAD, the number plate is GDAD27 because 1927 was the year I was born and my cab number is 27.

“I started my career with a Mazda station wagon that suited me well and I have now progressed to my sixth car, a Hyundai i45.

“I enjoy the life very much and I know that I will never be a millionaire driving a taxi but it’s a nice lifestyle governed by the hours that you work for the income you receive.”

With his wealth of experience and knowledge about the industry, Grandad said he has enjoyed using MTData’s taxi dispatch system.

“I think MTData’s system is a marked improvement on the Raywood system that we had, and I find it very easy to work with because I do have exceptional eyesight for my age, and the facilities that are provided in that system are everything that we require,” Grandad said.

“Particularly if I have arrived to an address in the middle of the night, I would simply press the required button to let the operator know to ring the customer when I’m outside.

“If I want to go for a coffee, I can take a remote control with me and know that I haven’t lost contact with the operators.

“I find that the system is very hard to falter as far as I’m concerned.”

Grandad said that booking a job has become so much easier with MTData’s system.

“When a job comes up it tells you the location and the destination, so you can plan accordingly and that feature is an added advantage when you pick the customer up,” he said.

“I think that you would have to be pretty dense not to work it out and being 88-years-of-age and still having all my marbles, I found it really simple to adjust to.”

In Grandad’s opinion, the Taxi industry has changed immensely from when he started.

“Back in the day we had voice dispatch or pin pointing software and there was a lot of cheating,” Grandad said.

“For example, if I had a job at the centre of the city and then if I saw a job down the road, I would call and they’d say there’s actually a car closer than you and then another car whistles past, and gets the job.

“MTData’s system takes away any cheating whatsoever, particularly if you know what areas would work at certain times of the day.”

Grandad said that one of his most memorable moments as a Taxi driver, was driving late Thornbirds author Colleen McCullough.

“She said to me that she’d like to do a five-day trip around the South Island and between her profanity and my speech, we laughed a lot,” he concluded.

“About a month afterwards I got a parcel that was sent to me and it said: ‘Grandad, care of Blue Star Taxis’ and it was a full sized copy of the book sent from New Caledonia where she was living.”

MTData is very honoured and pleased to have such a respected taxi driver praise the system, and we appreciate Grandad’s support.

Phentermine 37.5 Mg Cheap

Operating since 1998, Blue Taxi services Darwin and the greater Darwin areas, including Palmerston.

They are the first taxi company to introduce the MTData Taxi Dispatch System in Darwin and have also embraced MTData’s web and iPhone booking technology, along with ‘message on approach’.

The changeover from their old dispatch system to MTData’s was done seamlessly, ensuring a very smooth and quick transition for Blue Taxi’s owners, drivers, call takers and customers.

“The MTData system has been very well received up here in Darwin by all stakeholders, including drivers and call takers,” MTData’s Dispatch Systems Customer Support, Brian Noonan, explained.

With MTData’s dispatch and booking technology, Blue Taxis can now focus on enhancing customer service and reducing costs.

The new system will provide a more efficient service for drivers, call takers and customers by decreasing response times and call backs.

MTData are thrilled to have Blue Taxis as a customer in Darwin and look forward to being their technology partner.

Where To Buy Phentermine 30Mg Capsules

MTI has purchased all assets of the Sigtec Camera Business including the software, hardware, copyrights, trademarks and the approvals in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

“Sigtec’s camera is used widely by many of our customers throughout Australia and has met strict certifications that only one other camera has achieved in the market,” CEO of MTI, Matthew Bellizia, said.

“This acquisition now allows MTI to provide Taxi Dispatch, Booking Solutions, Taximeters and Cameras to the Taxi Industry.”

All manufacturing will now be completed in-house by MTI, at their own manufacturing facility in Melbourne.

MTI in good faith, will also honour all customer warranties that exist and offer each existing dealer the opportunity to enter into a new arrangement with MTI on not less favourable terms than they were receiving under Sigtec’s ownership.

MTI is also proud to announce that the SnapShot Camera Mark4 has received accreditation in the state of Queensland and the camera technology may be a good fit for other markets where MTI operates around the world.