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Mobile Technologies International (MTI) will be exhibiting at the 2018 European Taxi Conference, Cologne from the 2nd – 3rd November.  Providing a comprehensive overview of the industry with over 100 exhibitors, the European taxi fair caters to all stakeholders of the taxi and car rental industry.

Join the MTI team at booth A4 to discuss dispatch technology solutions from a reliable and trustworthy technology partner.

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Phentermine 30 Mg Buy

The Centennial TLPA Convention and Trade Show is being held from the 27th – 29th October in Las Vegas.  This three-day action-packed format will feature interactive Learning Labs focused on: Innovations & Technology; Diversification & Market Trends; Workforce & Driver Management.  Matthew Bellizia will be presenting in the Learning Lab, Analytics: How operators are using wallboards and dashboards, big data and deep diving.  Come and visit the MTI team at booth 229 to discuss all your dispatch enquiries.

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Phentermine 80Mg

The New Zealand Taxi Federation will hold its 80th Conference from the 2nd – 3rd October in the beautiful Blenheim region.  This event will bring together stakeholders within the industry – with a specific focus on identifying opportunities that increased competition has brought to the industry.  Stop by and visit Darren and Brian, whose expertise will help you identify how to best utilise these opportunities.

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Phentermine 60 Mg

An experienced partner to the industry, MTI will be exhibiting at the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference at the Rooty Hill RSL from the 28th – 30th October. As the industry’s premier event in Australia’s largest taxi market, this event brings together key partners within the taxi industry. Come along and visit MTI’s Team who will be happy to discuss your enquiries.

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Phentermine 37.5 Buy Now


18 October 2018

Acquisition of Mobile Technologies International Pty Ltd

On 20 June 2018 Cabcharge Australia Limited (Cabcharge, ASX:CAB) advised that it had entered into an agreement to acquire all of the issued shares in Mobile Technologies International Pty Ltd (MTI) for a purchase price of $6.6 million, subject to approval by the ACCC.

The ACCC has today announced that it does not intend to oppose the acquisition.

MTI is a leading global provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) automotive dispatch and booking technology. MTI has an established presence in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and is also the owner and operator of Mantax Taxis, the largest network of black cabs in Manchester, England.

Cabcharge CEO Andrew Skelton said: “Combining our world class customer facing and payments technologies with MTI’s leading dispatch services creates a workforce with deep industry knowledge and global reach. Coordinating software architecture across the range of technologies offered by Taxi Networks to Passengers and Drivers accelerates our mission to remove friction and deliver seamless solutions that enable established Taxi Networks to meet and exceed the expectations of their Passengers and Drivers now and into the future. Together, MTI and Cabcharge are looking forward to providing local Taxi Networks with access to a well resourced and globally scaled technology offering.

MTI will continue with its existing leadership structure, including co-founder Matthew Bellizia, and operate as a subisidary of Cabcharge enabling MTI to provide systems and service to each of its customers equally and fairly. The synergies available in the combined firm will be channelled into fast tracking the delivery of new features and upgrades for MTI customers.

The acquisition of MTI is not anticipated to have a material impact on FY19 earnings and formal completion is planned in 1H19.


For more information:
Courtney Howe +61 404 310 364


About Cabcharge:

Cabcharge is an ASX listed company with a market capitalisation of ~$267million and a vision to be Australia’s leading personal transport business. Cabcharge is a key player in the digital payment market, developing Australia’s first Electronic Funds Transfer solution for Taxis and is the largest supplier of Taxi payment software across Australia. Cabcharge is also the owner and operator of Australia’s largest taxi network – 13cabs – which supports 10,000 taxis in Australia spanning Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and regional Victoria. https://www.cabcharge.com.au

About MTI:

MTI is a global leader in Taxi technology and supplies many of the leading Taxi companies around the globe with world class technology for the processing, management and distribution of bookings and associated services. MTI’s technology can be seen in many leading Australian and New Zealand Taxi companies and includes advanced booking apps, call center technology, smart dispatch algorithms, and in-vehicle tablet and data terminal solutions.

MTI technologies are used in 42 cities across North America and in Finland by Taksi Helsinki, the largest Finnish Taxi company. MTI also supplies market leaders in the United Kingdom including CityFleet as well as Delta Taxis in Liverpool.

MTI was part of MTData and demerged in 2017 paving the way for the Telstra acquisition of the MTData Transport technology. http://www.mtidispatch.com


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Phentermine To Buy In Australia

Cheap Phentermine Online

Prior to the recent announcement of Telstra’s acquisition of MTData, the company’s Taxi Dispatch business was demerged into a new entity – Mobile Technologies International (mtidispatch.com).  This company is wholly owned by Matthew Bellizia, Ted Fisher and David Fisher, the original MTData founders, and will continue to develop taxi dispatch technologies, with a strategic plan to enter new markets around the globe.Cheap Phentermine

Phentermine Online Doctors

Phentermine 45

Traveling to the Gold Coast for the 2018 ATIA International Taxi Conference? So are we! MTI will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the conference, which will be held from the 27th May – 30th May, Mantra on View Hotel, Gold Coast Queensland.  We are again sponsoring and exhibiting and all other information can be carried over.

The theme is appropriately titled “Think different” and it is aimed to inspire creativity and encourage innovation. The conference will host talks from key speakers as well as give delegates an opportunity to network with other license owners, operators and drivers.

We will be showcasing our wide range of taxi solutions that include our latest driver app for tablets and smartphones driver management portal, smartphone booking app, integrated taximeter, management dashboards and our Snapshot camera system.

We are excited to attend and exhibit at the conference, and we look forward to connecting with our customers and meeting and making new ones.

To find out more about the conference and what to expect, visit Phentermine Doctors Online.

Interested in our dispatch and booking solutions? Please contact Phentermine Mg.

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Come and meet us at the 2017 Private Hire Taxi Magazine (PHTM) Exhibition next week, held at the MK Arena in Milton Keynes from Wednesday 17- Thursday 18 May, 2017.

The exhibition will see over 50 exhibitors from all parts of the UK showcasing their latest products, for taxi, private hire, chauffeur companies and drivers; giving exhibitors an opportunity to network and meet prospective clients.

We will be showcasing our latest range of dispatch and booking solutions, including our user-friendly driver app.

Compatible on both smartphones and tablets, the app can be simply downloaded providing flexibility for drivers to bring their own device.

We will be exhibiting:

Please find us at booth 48, located opposite the PHTM booth.

Interested in learning more about our dispatch and booking solutions? Please contact enquiries@mtidispatch.com.

PHTM logo

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We are thrilled to announce that we are now expanding into the Nordic and wider European market.

Our latest office will be located in Helsinki, Finland to support our customer Taksi Helsinki, who have a fleet of 1,400 taxis.

Founded in 2003 in Mulgrave, Australia, we are now global market leaders in dispatch solutions.

Each year we expand our offerings across the globe into new cities and reach new heights.  We now operate in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada, America, New Zealand, the Middle East, and now Finland.

We service a wide range of industries including, taxi, transport and logistics, concrete and construction, mining oil and gas, bus and coach, waste management and recycling, emergency and government, and much more.

Wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you. We are a dedicated technology partner, and whether you have 5 or 5,000 vehicles, we have solutions to offer you.

If you would like to request a live demo or more information about either our dispatch solutions, please email Online Phentermine Doctors.

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Buy Phentermine Online Cheap Uk

MTI and Taksi Helsinki are excited to announce their new partnership. MTI’s Buy Phentermine 375 Uk and driver app solution will be implemented into Taksi Helsinki’s 1,400 vehicle fleet, delivering new and innovative services to both drivers and passengers.

Taksi Helsinki is one of Scandinavia’s largest taxi dispatch services, based in Finland. Founded in 1989, it is owned by 1,249 independent taxi drivers and provides taxi order services, data and radio services. The company operates across Finland’s capital city of Helsinki.

Taksi Helsinki will be upgrading their current dispatch system to MTI’s progressive, modern and efficient system, which will give them a competitive advantage in the market. They will also be utilising MTI’s innovative Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Online.

The company elected to implement MTI’s system because it is advanced, versatile and flexible. MTI’s technology development is rapid and also ensures competitiveness.

With the aim to streamline and optimise the fleet’s usage, MTI’s system provides useful information that will guide Taksi Helsinki’s drivers in the most efficient and effective manner, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting their needs.

MTI is one of the world’s largest providers of advanced taxi dispatch systems, delivering solutions not only to the taxi industry but a wide-range of industries including transport and logistics, bus and coach and concrete.

Operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, MTI now look forward to strengthening their position into wider European and Nordic countries.

MTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Bellizia says, “We are proud to partner with Finland’s largest taxi company. We look forward to collaborating and building a long and successful relationship with Taksi Helsinki. Our technology is built for today and the future, and will unlock increased driver efficiency and productivity for Taksi Helsinki’s fleet. MTI looks forward to seeing the results that will come from this partnership.”