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Mobile Technologies International (MTI) will be exhibiting at the 2018 European Taxi Conference, Cologne from the 2nd – 3rd November.  Providing a comprehensive overview of the industry with over 100 exhibitors, the European taxi fair caters to all stakeholders of the taxi and car rental industry.

Join the MTI team at booth A4 to discuss dispatch technology solutions from a reliable and trustworthy technology partner.

Buy Phentermine Online Next Day Delivery

Cheapest Place To Buy Phentermine 37.5

The Centennial TLPA Convention and Trade Show is being held from the 27th – 29th October in Las Vegas.  This three-day action-packed format will feature interactive Learning Labs focused on: Innovations & Technology; Diversification & Market Trends; Workforce & Driver Management.  Matthew Bellizia will be presenting in the Learning Lab, Analytics: How operators are using wallboards and dashboards, big data and deep diving.  Come and visit the MTI team at booth 229 to discuss all your dispatch enquiries.

Buy Phentermine From Uk

Buy Axcion Phentermine

The New Zealand Taxi Federation will hold its 80th Conference from the 2nd – 3rd October in the beautiful Blenheim region.  This event will bring together stakeholders within the industry – with a specific focus on identifying opportunities that increased competition has brought to the industry.  Stop by and visit Darren and Brian, whose expertise will help you identify how to best utilise these opportunities.

Buy Generic Phentermine

Buy Genuine Phentermine

An experienced partner to the industry, MTI will be exhibiting at the NSW Taxi Industry State Conference at the Rooty Hill RSL from the 28th – 30th October. As the industry’s premier event in Australia’s largest taxi market, this event brings together key partners within the taxi industry. Come along and visit MTI’s Team who will be happy to discuss your enquiries.