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Where Can I Buy Original Phentermine, Buy Phentermine Lollipops

MTI has started its roll-out of its latest iteration of iPhone and Android apps for its taxi and private hire clients in the UK and Ireland.

The newly updated app enhances the user experience, and has also increased the app’s level of customisation for taxi and private hire businesses.

All MTI apps are customisable, and this latest update provides a far deeper support for fleet branding right throughout the user experience.

MTI UK’s support team staffer, Ciaran Kelly, is helping to roll out the new apps.

“These new apps are our biggest ever improvement to our smartphone apps,” Mr Kelly said.

“The current app is great and is generating tens of thousands of bookings a day for our customers, but the latest update really enhances the look and feel as well as the slick functionality.

“We are seeing improved driver and passenger ratings, added security for in-app payment, fare quotes, added support for promo codes and vehicle choice are all major enhancements with this version of our smartphone app.

“With increased competition in the taxi and private hire sector and multi-million pound apps, and with competitors entering this market, it’s vital our clients can stay ahead of the curve with beautifully designed, function-rich apps.”

The smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices are just one in a brace of new updates being released to the UK and Ireland market place over the coming months.

“We are also beginning the roll out of our new driver management and training portal, which gives drivers on our customer’s fleets a really intuitive and powerful interface to see all their activity and how they can earn more money,” Mr Kelly said.

“The dashboard even shows drivers how much money they have missed out on over their most recent shifts.

“Features like that can really help the drivers earn more and the operators to become more efficient and deliver better service to their customers.”

This, and many other new features will be getting rolled out to MTI customers across the UK and Ireland in the coming months.

For more information, please email us at Buy Phentermine Online Next Day Delivery.