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MTI is pleased to announce the appointment of Mitchell Charlton as Client Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Mitchell joins MTI with a wealth of experience in the ground transport sector, as his previous role included managing the UK wide network of taxi and private hire operators for a large transport booking platform.

Mitchell is already known to a number of MTI customers in that capacity.

Mitchell will draw on that experience and industry knowledge to nurture and develop the MTI business in UK and Ireland, not only in taxi and private hire, but also in the other sectors including logistics, haulage, construction, and service industries.

MTI’s CEO, Matthew Bellizia commented: “We’re thrilled to welcome Mitchell to the team and he will be a great asset as we develop our UK & Ireland business.

“Mitchell’s experience and industry knowledge give him a head start and his deep understanding of the technologies that drive the sectors we operate in will be a huge benefit to our clients.”

Mitchell is based in London but spends much of his time around the UK visiting existing MTI clients as well as developing the business and securing new clients across all sectors.

His experience in client management, project management and technical implementations are clearly a benefit. Mitchell said he is pleased to be a part of the MTI team.

“I’ve already spent considerable time with the MTI team in Liverpool and Manchester and it’s great to see how solid the MTI product is and how dedicated the support teams are,” Mitchell says.

“There is some incredible innovation MTI are bringing to the market and that makes it a very exciting time for me to join the team.

“We will be ensuring that MTI customers get the very best in cutting edge technology that help them grow their business and maintain competitive advantage.”