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Gold Coast Cabs have implemented our smartphone booking App to their fleet of 357 vehicles, which went live in February 2016.

Customers will find a great range of benefits using our App, which will make it easier than ever to book and secure a Gold Coast Cab.

Our App provides their customers with added assurances when they book their ride, as they will receive ‘on-approach’ notifications, when their taxi is on the way.

Gold Coast Cabs customers who are on the go, can book, track, and locate the closest taxi from their current GPS location to a specific destination.

Our App enables customers to create a profile, so that they can save and select their favourite or recent destinations (e.g. home, work, gym etc.), to create a fast and efficient booking.

Credit card payments can also be processed directly through our App with no hassle, via a secure merchant facility, which means that paying for a taxi is quick and simple.

MTData is pleased to be Gold Coast Cabs’ technology provider, and look forward to assisting them in delivering excellent service to the riding public.