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MTI has purchased all assets of the Sigtec Camera Business including the software, hardware, copyrights, trademarks and the approvals in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

“Sigtec’s camera is used widely by many of our customers throughout Australia and has met strict certifications that only one other camera has achieved in the market,” CEO of MTI, Matthew Bellizia, said.

“This acquisition now allows MTI to provide Taxi Dispatch, Booking Solutions, Taximeters and Cameras to the Taxi Industry.”

All manufacturing will now be completed in-house by MTI, at their own manufacturing facility in Melbourne.

MTI in good faith, will also honour all customer warranties that exist and offer each existing dealer the opportunity to enter into a new arrangement with MTI on not less favourable terms than they were receiving under Sigtec’s ownership.

MTI is also proud to announce that the SnapShot Camera Mark4 has received accreditation in the state of Queensland and the camera technology may be a good fit for other markets where MTI operates around the world.